Cormac Ryan

CormacRyanCormac Ryan: The consequences of social media

Cormac is a second year Galway Doctoral Research Candidate on the Child & Youth Research programme at N.U.I.G. His research examines the wellbeing outcomes of the social media experiences of young adults. By qualitatively examining individually created argument maps and employing a collective intelligence methodology to facilitate group discussion, Cormac is hoping to achieve a unique, user-defined understanding of social media outcomes. In his third and fourth study, these insights and the collective thinking of young social media users will be used to inform the design and development of a psychometric measure. This scale will be suitable for analysing associations between adaptive and maladaptive social media experiences and subjective, psychological, and social wellbeing outcomes. If Cormac wasn’t doing this, he’d be playing golf.

Cormac can be found and on Twitter