Jenny Groarke

Jenny GroarkeJenny Groarke: The Psychology of Music

Jenny Groarke is an Irish Research Council Scholar and a recent PhD graduate (2016). Jenny’s work is examining music listening and wellbeing, with a special interest in the benefits of music listening for older adults. The first study in Jenny’s PhD project employed a collective intelligence methodology to examine older and younger adults uses of music, and their beliefs about the value of music for enhancing wellbeing. This paper was published in Psychology of Music and recently featured in the Pacific Standard Magazine. Jenny’s second study involved the development of a psychometric measure of the functions of music listening, appearing soon in Frontiers in Psychology, and a theory of adaptive music listening behaviours using survey-based structural equation modelling. Jenny’s third and final study was a randomised-controlled trial (RCT) comparing the effects of music listening on younger and older adults using electroencephalography (EEG) and behavioural measures. Jenny is also a Choral Scholar at NUI, Galway and St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, and community music facilitator with Sing-Bang Music Workshops.

Jenny can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.