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Hogan, M. J. (2009). The Culture of Our Thinking in Relation to Spirituality. Nova Science Publishers, New York.

Synopsis: The Culture of our Thinking in Relation to Spirituality examines the problems faced by scientists as they attempt to understand spirituality. The book considers the way different worldviews and different philosophical perspectives can influence the models of spirituality we build. The book has received positive reviews from Ellen Langer (Harvard University), Alex Zautra (Arizona State University), Peter Coleman (Southampton University), and Brick Johnstone (Missouri University).

The Culture of Our Thinking in Relation to Spirituality

‘Students of psychology will find much to learn about spirituality in Michael Hogan’s little gem. This is challenging terrain but there are many new things to be discovered along the way, and Michael Hogan clearly enjoys the challenge and the process of discovery.’

 Professor Ellen Langer, Harvard University

‘A highly original, well-informed and absorbing exploration of the meaning of spirituality in the contemporary world, and in particular of its potential role in education. It opens many new perspectives for studying a valued and central part of human consciousness.’

 Professor Peter Coleman, University of Southampton.

‘Michael Hogan is the hopeful Kierkegaard, providing a carefully reasoned existential philosophy of spirituality that even the most skeptical social scientist can embrace.’

 Professor Alex Zautra, Arizona State University.

Book Chapters

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