Book Review

Hogan, M.J. (2013) The subtle (and not so subtle) mind. Review of, The righteous mind: Why good people are divided by politics and religion, by Jonathan Haidt. Book Review [Details]
Ryan , C., James, M. & Hogan, M.J. (2013) Nurturing creativity in the classroom. Review of R.A. Beghetto and J.C. Kaufman (Eds), Nurturing Creativity in the Classroom. Book Review [Details]
Jennings, C.; Hogan, M. J. (2013) Understanding intuition and how the mind works. Review of The invisible gorilla and other ways our intuition deceives us, by Chabris, C. and Simons, D. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M. J. (2012) The Tell-Tale Brain. Review of V.S. Ramachandran “The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Quest For What Makes Us Human”. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2011) The long road to strength. Review of Sheldon, K.M., Kashdan, T.B. and Steger, M.F. “Designing Positive Psychology: Taking Stock and Moving Forward”. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2011) The Empty Landscape: A critical analysis of Sam Harris’ book, The Moral Landscape, in light of the requirements of systems science. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M. J. (2011) Designing Our Children’s Future. Review of Reynolds, A.J., Rolnick, A.J., Englund, M.M., and Temple J.A. “Childhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life: A Human Capital Integration”. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M. J. (2011) The Moral Landscape: How science can determine human values. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2011) Creative Model Construction in Scientists and Students: The Role of Imagery, Analogy, and Mental Simulation. Thinking skills and creativity. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2010) A secure base. Review of Mikulincer & Shaver, Attachment in adulthood: Structure, dynamics, and change. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2010) Action Drivers. Review of Motivation and Action, Edited by Jutta Heckhausen and Heinz Heckhausen. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2010) FACES in the flow of time. Review of Siegel, D. “Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation”. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2010) Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2010) The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M. J. (2009) Review of Critical Thinking in Psychology, edited by Sternberg, R.J., Roediger, H.L. & Halpern, D.F. Cambridge University Press. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2009) Attending to the Environment. Review of, Schaie, K.W., Abeles, R.P. Social Structures and Aging Individuals: Continuing Challenges. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2009) Mindfulness and Mindlessness. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M. J. (2009) Implementing Intelligence. Review of, Bach, J. “Principles of Synthetic Intelligence, PSI : An Architecture of Motivated Cognition”. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2008) Intuition. Review of, Sadler-Smith, E. Inside Intuition. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2008) The great weave of emotional life. Review of, Corrigan, J. (Ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Emotion. P. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2008) Between a rock and a hard place. Review of Roberts, M.J. (Ed.) Integrating the Mind: Domain general versus domain specific processes in higher cognition. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2008) Executive Function. Review of, Anderson, V., Jacobs, R. and Anderson, P.J. Executive Functions and the Frontal Lobes: A Lifespan Perspective. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2008) The Stuff of Thought. Review of, Pinker, S., The Stuff of Thought. Book Review [Details]
Hogan M.J. (2007) Review of Stewart, M. The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the fate of God in the modern world. P. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2007) Advancing the way of the positive psychologist. Ong, A.D. and van Dulmen M.H.M. The Oxford HanPsychCRITIQUES Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books. Book Review [Details]
Hogan M.J. (2007) The point below. Review of Peterson, C. A Primer in Positive Psychology. Book Review [Details]
Hogan M.J. (2007) Thinking about thinking. Review of Bialystok, E., & Craik, F.I.M. (Eds). Lifespan Cognition: Mechanisms of Change. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. & Hogan, V.J. (2006) When I’m older, it will be so great. Review of Malcolm L. Johnson, in association with Vern L. Bengtson, Peter G. Coleman, and Thomas B.L. Kirkwood. The Cambridge Handbook of Age and Aging. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2006) Infusing life with value and understanding. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2005) The way of the positive psychologist. Review of William C. Compton Introduction to positive psychology. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M. J. (2005) Zautra’s terror — Thinking about emotions, stress and health. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2005) If only I were, then I am. Review of Ruth M.J. Byrne The rational imagination. Book Review [Details]
Hogan, M.J. (2005) The choice of character. Review of Lapsley, D. L. and Power, F. C (Eds) Character psychology and character education. Book Review[Details]

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