Teaching & Administration

Modules Taught

Undergraduate Teaching

  • PS124 Social Psychology
  • PS214 Developmental Psychology
  • PS341 Introduction to Collaborative Enquiry and Applied Systems Science
  • PS342 Introduction to Positive Psychology

Postgraduate Teaching

  • PS466 Structural Equation Modeling Module
  • PS525 Critical Thinking and Critical Thinking Technologies Module
  • PS531 Skill Theory and Skill development
  • MG589 Company-based Interdisciplinary Consultancy Study (Contributor on Systems Thinking)


  • Doctoral Students, (Completed)
    • Christopher Dwyer, PhD student. An Examination of the effects of Argument Mapping on memory, comprehension, and Critical Thinking Performance. (with Dr.Ian Stewart). IRCHSS funding
    • Haulie Dowd, DPsychSc. Mindfulness and chronic pain: The development and pilot testing of an online MBCT intervention (with Dr. Brian McGuire and Dr. Kiran Sarma)
    • Joanne O’Halloran, DPsychSc. An evaluation of the efficacy of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Sonas group interventions for people with moderate dementia
    • Rosemary Fish, PhD. Measuring and Modelling Acceptance in Chronic Pain (co-supervisor with Dr. Brian McGuire and Dr. Ian Stewart). NUI Galway Arts faculty funding.
    • Michael Keane, PhD. Effects of dietary caffeine on topographic EEG taking account of withdrawal and withdrawal reversal with and without sleep restriction (co-supervisor with Professor Jack James).
    • Kate Burke, DPsychSc. Romantic Relationships in Older Adulthood: Understanding the complexities of romantic relationship satisfaction across the lifespan.
    • Ronan Conway, PhD. Positive Youth Development: Developing a Theoretical Model of the Regulatory Capacities of Adolescents that Impact Positive Youth Behaviours and Risk Behaviours (co-supervisor with Dr. Caroline Heary). IRCHSS funding
    • Claire McMoreland, DPsychSc. A lifespan perspective on wellbeing in Ireland (co-supervisor with Dr. Jane Walsh).
  • Doctoral Students, (Current)
    • Owen Harney, PhD. Systems thinking and systems science education: The design and evaluation of a new systems science educational tool. NUI Galway Arts faculty funding
    • Christopher Noone, PhD. An analysis of the effects of mindfulness on executive function and critical thinking. NUI Galway Arts faculty funding
    • Jenny Groarke, PhD. An analysis of the effects of music listening on physiological and psychological functioning in younger and older adults. IRC Funding
    • Morteza RazaeiZadeh, PhD Student. Developing an effective model for promoting entrepreneurial competencies in Higher Education students facilitated by virtual education (co-supervisor with Dr. John O’Reilly). Iranian Government Funding
    • Bridget Ní Choileain, PhD Student. A study of the role of values in realising, developing and sustaining an Educate Together Post Primary School: Pupils, Parents, Teachers and other Key Stakeholders Perspectives. (Co-supervisor with Dr. John O’Reilly) Educate Together Funding.