Ian Robertson, Trinity College

Brian Lawlor, Trinity College

Fergus Craik, University of Toronto

Lynn Hasher, University of Toronto

Jochen Kaiser, Frankfurt University

Kurt Fischer, Harvard University

Alex Zautra, Arizona State University

Mary Davis, Arizona State University

Richard Roche, NUI Maynooth

Don Barry, University of Limerick

Tim Van Gelder, University of Melbourne

Ulman Lindenberger, Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Benjamin Broome, Arizona State University

Roger Staff, University of Aberdeen

Brendan Bunting, University of Ulster, Magee campus

Ian Deary, Edinburgh University

Recent Postgraduates

Doctoral Students, (Completed)

Christopher Dwyer, PhD student. An Examination of the effects of Argument Mapping on memory, comprehension, and Critical Thinking Performance. (with Dr.Ian Stewart). IRCHSS funding

Haulie Dowd, DPsychSc. Mindfulness and chronic pain: The development and pilot testing of an online MBCT intervention (with Dr. Brian McGuire and Dr. Kiran Sarma)

Joanne O’Halloran, DPsychSc. An evaluation of the efficacy of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Sonas group interventions for people with moderate dementia

Rosemary Fish, PhD. Measuring and Modelling Acceptance in Chronic Pain (co-supervisor with Dr. Brian McGuire and Dr. Ian Stewart). NUI Galway Arts faculty funding.

Michael Keane, PhD. Effects of dietary caffeine on topographic EEG taking account of withdrawal and withdrawal reversal with and without sleep restriction (co-supervisor with Professor Jack James).

Kate Burke, DPsychSc. Romantic Relationships in Older Adulthood: Understanding the complexities of romantic relationship satisfaction across the lifespan.

Other Activities

Doctoral Supervision Committees

Aoife Mc Tiernan: The Effects of Fluency Instruction on Academic Repertoires across Multiple Populations.

Rachel Carey: RISK: Comms – The use of fear appeals as persuasive communication in road safety campaigns.

Aoife Kervick: RISK: Monitor – Using mobile phone application as in-vehicle technology to monitor driving behaviour.

Corinna Stewart: Developing perspective taking skills in adults with deficits in perspective taking abilities and adults with schizophrenia using training protocols based on a modern behavioural account of human language

Avril hand: Actions speak louder than words: Investigating disordered decision making using action dynamics.

Mary Higgins: Applied Learning in a Further Education Context.

Gabriel Burke: RFT and Educational Technology for Reading Comprehension.


Journal Of Clinical And Experimental Neuropsychology: Reviewer.
Developmental Psychobiology: Reviewer.
Psychology And Aging: Reviewer.
Neurobiology Of Aging: Reviewer.
Aging & Mental Health: Reviewer.
Psychcritiques – Contemporary Psychology: Apa Review Of Books: Editoral Board.
Thinking Skills & Creativity: Editoral Board.
The Journal Of Positive Psychology: Editoral Board.
Journal Of Experimental Psychology-Learning Memory And Cognition: Reviewer.
Journal Of Clinical Nursing: Reviewer.
Journal Of Clinical And Experimental Neuropsychology: Reviewer.
Personality And Individual Differences: Reviewer.
Thinking Skills And Creativity: Reviewer.
Quality Of Life Research: Reviewer.
Neurobiology Of Aging: Reviewer.
Psychological Science: Reviewer.
International Journal Of Psychophysiology: Reviewer.
British Journal Of Health Psychology: Reviewer.

Community Engagement

BioInnovate Programme
Type: Consultancy (Pro-bono)
From/To: 01-JAN-13-31-OCT-13
Collective Intelligence Project Support for Executive MBA students working on Company-based Interdisciplinary Consultancy Study
Type: Consultancy (Pro-bono)
From/To: 01-MAR-12-16-MAR-12
Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, Management Board
Type: Board Membership
From/To: 20-JAN-13-20-JAN-13
Galway City, World Health Organization
Type: Advocacy
From/To: 20-JAN-13-20-JAN-13
Galway City Development Board
Type: Board Membership
From/To: 20-JAN-13-20-JAN-13
Bright Ideas Initiative
Type: Outreach
From/To: 01-JAN-12-30-DEC-12
Community Knowledge Initiative (ALIVE, course development, 2003)
Type: Other
From/To: 01-JAN-03-21-DEC-03

Education & Employment


Year 1999 Institution: NUI, Galway
Qualification: PhD Subject: “A critical analysis of Generalized Slowing and Common Cause Models of Aging”
Year 1994 Institution: NUI, Galway
Qualification: BACHELOR OF ARTS Subject: Psychology


Employer: Trinity College Dublin,
Position: Post Doc
Employer: University of Toronto
Position: Post Doc
Employer: NUI, Galway
Position: Lecturer


Committee : Centre for Pain Research, NUI, Galway
Committee : Galway Neuroscience Group
Committee : Staff-Student Liaison Committee, School of Psychology
Committee : 2BA Psychology
Committee : Evening BA
Committee : Irish Centre for Social Gerontology
Committee : Structured PhD in Learning Sciences
Committee : Structured PhD in Perception, Cognition and Action
Committee : European Science Foundation (ESF)Steering Committee for European Research Network for Investigating Human Sensorimotor Function in Health and Disease (ERNI-HSF)
Committee : Health and Well-being priority theme at the Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change, NUI Galway