Recent Postgraduates

Doctoral Students, (Completed)

Christopher Dwyer, PhD student. An Examination of the effects of Argument Mapping on memory, comprehension, and Critical Thinking Performance. (with Dr.Ian Stewart). IRCHSS funding

Haulie Dowd, DPsychSc. Mindfulness and chronic pain: The development and pilot testing of an online MBCT intervention (with Dr. Brian McGuire and Dr. Kiran Sarma)

Joanne O’Halloran, DPsychSc. An evaluation of the efficacy of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Sonas group interventions for people with moderate dementia

Rosemary Fish, PhD. Measuring and Modelling Acceptance in Chronic Pain (co-supervisor with Dr. Brian McGuire and Dr. Ian Stewart). NUI Galway Arts faculty funding.

Michael Keane, PhD. Effects of dietary caffeine on topographic EEG taking account of withdrawal and withdrawal reversal with and without sleep restriction (co-supervisor with Professor Jack James).

Kate Burke, DPsychSc. Romantic Relationships in Older Adulthood: Understanding the complexities of romantic relationship satisfaction across the lifespan.

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